Organisational Development

Leadership Toolkit

The Leadership Toolkit is a ‘just-in time’ people management resource for leaders –

a repository of practical tools and resources designed for busy people who

need support that they can just take and use…

  • Without spending too much time searching for what they need.
  • Without reading extensive ‘How to…’ instructions before they start.
  • With pointers to when and how they will find the tools and resources useful

In addition to acting as a resource for leaders, there are many ways that the toolkit can be used by an individual for their personal development. Users can work systematically through the three topic areas of the toolkit to increase their skills and knowledge: Managing Self, Leading and Managing Others, and Leading Teams and Change. Organisations can also use the toolkit to develop local training workshops around each leadership area. The Leadership Toolkit draws on each dimension of the Healthcare Leadership Model (HLM) and identifies the leadership dimension that it supports.

Page last reviewed: 26 May 2021