Managing issues around staff vaccination

Support for managers in the course of their conversations

We are all extremely aware of the deadline surrounding the policy that all frontline NHS should be vaccinated against Covid 19. We will also have seen that the number of people implicated in this is far from negligible.

This expectation is often compared to the already existing requirements that govern employment for clinical staff, such as vaccination for Hepatitis B and similar. However, there is a sense that this will be more difficult to navigate, particularly for those who will have direct responsibility for managing the processes involved.

Oversight of this process from beginning to end has the potential to be particularly challenging from a managerial perspective, whether you are a line manager, an HR professional, or a senior leader in a provider setting. And the impact of all of this has the potential to ripple out from those directly affected to those in their wider teams and beyond.

The NHS Leadership Academy is offering all managers involved in this exercise the opportunity to access facilitated sessions throughout the months of February to May 2022 that will provide peer support in terms of making sense of this work and how best to negotiate it.

Groups will convene for 75 minute sessions at least once a month (and potentially more frequently), so as to offer participants a safe and confidential space in which to reflect on their experiences of the exercise and also to explore how best to acknowledge and manage its wider ramifications in terms of people management.

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