System Leadership

The Systems Leadership Lab

The Systems Leadership Lab™ enables you to really explore how productive partnership and systems working can be developed and sustained within your own context. It is a dynamic, high impact, experiential learning event, in which we create a ‘live’ organisational system in the room.

Significantly adapted and tailored to the current health and social care context, the Lab incorporates work by Barry Oshry and other leading thinkers and researchers in organisational cultures, innovation and collaborative leadership.

Participants will immerse themselves in working together in a ‘live’ organisational system in the room, with typical power differentials, diverse agendas, strongly held identities and familiar organisational cultures. All participants will take part in a series of learning activities, and we press the ‘pause’ button at frequent intervals to uncover why systems leadership is often so tricky. We then work together to build a shared understanding of leading across systems and what it takes to empower a system beyond organisational boundaries.

The delivery partner of this workshop is Impact4, for more information you can visit their website at

Page last reviewed: 26 May 2021