System Leadership

System Leadership

System Leadership

Supporting leaders who are working across boundaries and in complex structures

Our work in this important area aims to; Support all leaders in health and social care to better understand the notion of systems working and the way in which it links to the wider ambitions for health and social care; Work in practice with leaders seeking to develop Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to support these developments in the region. We seek to ensure that activity on systems leadership engages with the system  to ensure that we are helping people to identify development needs and how they might best be addressed.  At the same time, we work within the frame that exists around the NHS Long Term and its People Plan.

This work encompasses the following activity, although this list iis far from exhaustive – and should not be seen as prescriptive:

Masterclasses on a variety of topics, including complexity, wicked problems, and speaking truth to power.

Workshops to support relational connections to support system engagement.

Research interventions that encourage sense-making and commitments to development actions.

Programmes that offer insight into working in systemic ways, such as our Systems Insight initiative and delivery of the national Systems Leadership Development Programme.

Consultancy to support leaders across systems to better understand needs and how they might best be addressed.

Page last reviewed: 30 July 2021