ICS & CCG Support

CCG & ICS Support

Supporting our system leaders during transition

Confidential, individualised, tailored support from the London Talent Team available for the London System Leaders affected by transition (not covered by the employment guarantee). Joining the London Talent pool offers additional support alongside the support from your employer.

For further information on the London Talent pool, please contact: [email protected]

Entry into the London Talent Pool

Joining the London Talent Pool offers bespoke support to enable you to take your next career step – whatever that may be. We offer expertise, connections and cutting edge career support to realise your aspirations.

Confidential career conversations

Confidential and independent one-to-one support from trained coaches. Space to explore new career pathways, navigating your next steps and innovative ways to share your talent and experience.

Career workshop

Career workshops and peer-working covering topics ranging from NHS Leadership Competences, Success Profiles, Career Anchors, Realising My Purpose, the role of the Non-Executive Director and the NHS NeXT Scheme, exploring the role of the Chair and career transitions.

Networking and Sponsorship

Join the London Talent Pool and we will support you with building regional and national networks, signposting, introductions and connection-building. We will help you utilise networking tools such as LinkedIn to their best advantage, showcasing your skills and experience, work with you to raise your profile and seek out new opportunities.

Application Support

We offer one-to-one confidential application support, available as a generic session or to get the best out of the experience we would advise accessing this service when you identify a role you are interested in applying for. This session will enable you to showcase your skills, capabilities and talents effectively.

Interview preparation

One-to-one confidential interview preparation support is available. We would advise accessing this service when you have been shortlisted for a interview. Led by your development needs, potential areas include competency based interviews, NHS Leadership Competences, crafting the perfect elevator pitch, showcasing your skills and experience and presentation skills (content and messaging).

Access to online tools and resources

Access to online resources, tools and information including: career assessments and diagnostics, career readiness pulse, career learning resources, case studies, career stories, aptitude tests and interview simulator including online mock interviews.

Further information

For more information please contact: [email protected]

For a confidential personal conversation please contact the Head of Talent (London) [email protected]