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What We Do

What We Do

Non-urgent advice: Our Vision

To develop outstanding healthcare leadership in London, in order to improve people’s health and their experiences of the NHS.

Non-urgent advice: Our Mission

To be a regional centre of excellence for leadership development, delivering locally a national approach, and responding to the leadership needs of future and existing leaders across the capital’s NHS system to improve the quality of public health and patient outcomes.

Talent Management Stakeholder Network

The London Leadership Academy facilitates the London Talent Management Stakeholder Network which meets bi-monthly, with the aim of creating space for a sharing and learning community. The Network can support your Talent Management thinking and help you to develop an approach that fits your organisation. If you are interested in joining please contact [email protected]

L&OD Network

The London L&OD network is an informal group of people working within the NHS (either as employees or as interims) with a large part of their role in Leadership and Organisation Development. It aims are: To share good practice, information and ideas around leadership and organisation development; To provide networking opportunities and peer support; To offer development opportunities to members. The network meets 4-5 times a year, with the dates set at the start of each year. Meetings are co-ordinated by a steering group of network members, in conjunction with the London Leadership Academy. If you are an L&OD Lead for your organisation and would like more information, please contact [email protected]

Coaching & Mentoring Steering Group

To help shape the provision of the LLA’s coaching and mentoring programme, the London Coaching & Mentoring Steering Group works to help develop the skills, confidence, competence and careers of NHS staff working in London. The role of the Coaching & Mentoring steering group is to provide strategic direction for coaching and mentoring in London, in line with the national coaching and mentoring agenda, as well as to identify and share best practice around coaching and mentoring. Membership is closed, and members have all been selected for their knowledge, experience and involvement in coaching and mentoring. New members may be nominated to attend to steering group as required. The group meets quarterly.

GMTS Steering Group

To guide the local coordination of the NHS Leadership Academy’s Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS), the London GMTS Steering Group, is made up of senior NHS leaders from across London, and alumni from the scheme who represent each of the professional strands.