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The Team

London Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team

Non-urgent advice: Beth Hill

Head of ICS Leadership and OD

Non-urgent advice: Kay Landi Buhari

Programme Manager –  Middle Manager to Director Talent and Leadership Development

Kay has over 17 years of programme and project management experience and has a passion for inclusion and diversity. Kay’s role as LD Lead includes the management and delivery of the Leadership Development, Inclusion and Coaching and Mentoring offer in London.  In addition, Kay is a qualified Barrister having being called to the Bar in 2015. In Kay’s spare time she is also the Founder of Landi’s Kitchen, a cookery school based in East London.

Non-urgent advice: Jayne Beresford

Programme Manager – First & Middle Manager Talent and Leadership Development

Jayne joined the Leadership Academy in 2018 and the London team in April 2024. She is an Occupational Psychologist who has worked for many years as a consultant developing leaders and organisations in contexts across the public and private sector.  She has led major culture change, talent and leadership programmes to enable teams, individuals and organisations to grow and thrive. Jayne has led many portfolios within regional Leadership Academies including Organisational Development (OD), systems leadership, primary care, inclusion and evaluation.

Jayne is leading on early to midcareer talent and leadership. She has within her current portfolio apprenticeships, leadership standards and programmes such as the Mary Seacole programme, working parent leaders programme and key senior leader pathway programmes. She is also the internal co-lead for OD across the London Workforce, Training and Education Directorate.

Jayne is an experienced coach, accredited in a number of psychometric tools and believes strongly in empowering leaders through their own insights to create the cultures of inclusion and compassion that we believe in.

Non-urgent advice: Matina Triantafyllou

Project Manager Coaching and Mentoring

Matina joined the London Leadership Academy in April 2024,

Non-urgent advice: Jake Cutting

Programme Manager – First & Middle Manager Talent and Leadership Development

My journey with the NHS began nearly 10 years ago in Cambridge as an Administrative Support Specialist for NHS England. I facilitated GP appraisal target achievements and introduced new payment processes for GP Appraisers. As a Project Support Officer in the Medical Directorate, I managed cases related to revalidation, performance concerns, and performer list actions for practitioners.

In Mental Health services, I served as a Senior Clinical Team Administrator, developing referral processes that significantly improved service delivery. Since relocating to London, I have held various roles within NHS England, including Leadership and Development Administrator and Acting Business Performance Officer, managing supplier contracts, communications, social media, website requests, and marketing projects. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I volunteered as a Covid-19 Workforce Coordinator, overseeing essential activities such as vaccination and Nightingale staffing programmes.

I currently volunteer as a Leadership Model 360 Feedback Facilitator and Workforce Coordinator, supporting colleagues during industrial actions. I hold additional skills in Coaching, Bond Solon Report Writing, Root Cause Analysis, Case Investigation, Loggist, and Agile Project Management.

As the Leadership Development & Talent Coordinator for London, I coordinate leadership programmes and manage the coaching and mentoring hub for the region. I am committed to leadership development, process improvement, and promoting diversity and inclusion within the NHS. My focus is on building strong stakeholder relationships and driving impactful programmes that empower diverse voices and promote equity in healthcare leadership. One notable achievement was delivering the Equality & Inclusion Conference for Women of Colour Leaders in the NHS.

Beyond my NHS career, I am a qualified England Boxing Coach passionate about working with aspiring amateur boxers. I organise and develop events, trips, and training sessions for young people, enhancing my understanding of community engagement and youth mentorship. Before my NHS tenure, I worked as an Academy Coach and Programme Manager for Ipswich Town Football Club, where I developed community football and educational projects focused on youth development and engagement.

I aim to advance leadership development within the NHS by creating programmes that nurture leadership potential. I am dedicated to promoting equality and inclusion, ensuring diverse voices are represented and empowered. I strive to drive improvements in service delivery through innovative solutions and continuous improvement, aiming to develop future leaders equipped to handle healthcare management complexities and create an inclusive environment for all.

Non-urgent advice: Bhavika Patel

Project Coordinator – First & Middle Manager Talent and Leadership Development

With 20 years of experience in the NHS, my career was kickstarted with a qualification in childhood studies and a role as a Nursery Nurse located in the Northwest of England, progressing to a Healthcare Practitioner role, specializing in supporting children under five with learning difficulties. My journey has taken me through various coordination and project-focused roles across several NHS bodies, including hospitals, the NHS Direct Call Centre, Trafford Primary Care Trust, and NHS England.

Currently, I coordinate diverse programs such as the Mary Seacole Local, Systems Convening Masterclasses, Action Learning Set Facilitator Training, Being a Bridge, PCN Development and more. My responsibilities include managing data, feedback reports, mailing lists, budgets, and the upkeep of websites and social media platforms. I also facilitate meetings and provide essential support to ensure the smooth running of these programmes.

Passionate about making a difference, I aim to contribute to the NHS’s success by enhancing the value and purpose of its services. My personal experiences as a service user, alongside witnessing the exceptional care provided to family and friends, have deepened my appreciation for the dedication and compassion of NHS staff. I strive to support frontline staff, clinicians, and support staff, helping create better career opportunities and a more fulfilling work environment for them.

Outside of work, I find joy in travel, nature, connecting with family and friends, and exploring all things related to self development.

Committed to problem-solving and helping others, I actively participate in The Ability Network, The Women’s Network, and The Staff Cancer Network, reflecting my dedication to supporting and empowering my colleagues within the NHS.

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