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Inclusion & Diversity

Empower inclusive and diverse leadership, and drive change across the health landscape

Women Leaders Conference 2023

The NHS London Regional Workforce Teams of Leadership, EDI and HR are proud to have delivered an exciting event dedicated to enabling women of colour to thrive in their careers.  The conference was inspired by the findings of the Fawcett Society and Runnymede Trust’s Broken Ladders report which highlights the inequalities and the disproportionate discrimination suffered by women of colour across different industries.

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Women Leaders Conference 2023

The Stepping Up programme

The Stepping Up programme is a leadership development programme for black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues who work within healthcare (the NHS or an organisation providing NHS care). It aims to create greater levels of sustainable inclusion within the NHS by addressing the social, organisational and psychological barriers restricting BAME colleagues from progressing. The programme is designed to bridge the gap between where applicants are and where they need to be, to progress into more senior roles. Successful applicants will be empowered to drive forward the inclusion agenda and develop their skills and abilities in order to grow and progress.

Find out more information and register your interest in the Stepping Up programme.

Stepping Up Programme

The Ready Now programme

This highly regarded and effective positive action programme aims to help senior leaders from BAME backgrounds realise their potential. Underlying this programme is our belief that it is the wider system that needs to radically change if inclusion is to be lived, felt and sustained. BAME leaders therefore require the time and investment to develop the leadership capabilities that will enable them to work powerfully and collaboratively across these obstacles so that greater levels of inclusion will result. This endeavour will only succeed if it works in tandem with our wider work on inclusion, which challenges power imbalances and supports the wider system to make the changes necessary to make room for, and embrace a more diverse talent pipeline.

Find out more information and register your interest in the Ready Now programme.

Ready Now Programme

Developing Allyship in coaching relationships

The leadership Academy is committed to developing inclusive leadership and developing inclusive coaches capable of dealing with the diversity issues that show up in coaching relationships.

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Developing Allyship in Coaching Relationships

Reciprocal Mentoring for Inclusion programme

The Reciprocal Mentoring for Inclusion programme is a systemic leadership development intervention.

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Reciprocal Mentoring for Inclusion

The Equality and Diversity Council (EDC)

The work of EDC is driven forward by three core priorities:

  • Leadership, system and culture change to create inclusive workplaces
  • Making continuous improvements to help ensure services and workplaces are free from discrimination
  • To improve the outcomes for protected groups across the health system

The Council is chaired by the Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of NHS England and is made up of a range of organisations from across health and social care. For more information on the EDC and the work they do, have a look at their website here.

NHS Equality and Diversity Council

London’s Workforce Race Strategy

London’s NHS has one of the most diverse workforces in the capital, with 44.9% of staff being from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds, including the majority of doctors, nurses and midwives.

For more information or to get involved please contact: [email protected]

London Workforce Race Strategy

Race Equality Networks

‘Race Equality Network of Networks’ supporting and working with Black Minority and Asian Ethnic Networks Chairs across the NHS in London.  If you are a Network Chair Contact [email protected]

Follow the newly formed group positively championing greater inclusion for the advancement of NHS public services.