Coach Qualification Programme

Coach Qualification Programme

Become an EMCC qualified coach.

This six day programme, delivered over a five month period, is specifically designed for individuals who will provide coaching as internal coaches within the NHS London’s coaching register.

This rigorous and intensive programme is specifically designed to prepare participants to coach leaders who have a level of strategic influence or responsibility within their organisations. The programme is highly experiential and interactive and examines a wide range of skills and abilities in preparing participants to take on the role of an internal coach.

The programme is designed to prepare participants to deal with a number of different coaching situations as they support their colleagues through periods of change, development and in the execution of day-to-day duties. It aims to equip them to work effectively with colleagues and line reports, to help them work through complex choices, provide clarity in an evolving landscape and help with building new relationships across the organisation, with other stakeholders and in the communities they serve.

Participants are taught the key models, concepts and skills of coaching, and how these apply, and can be used effectively in a working environment. The programme requires participants to work with a number of ‘practise coaching clients’ for a minimum of 20 hours to develop their skills and bring this learning back into the workshop environment.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Attaining a defined and accredited level of coaching skill, in accordance with best practice guidelines developed though academic or industry guidelines
  • Having an understanding of, and an adherence to, industry standards of ethical practice and core coaching methodologies which embrace inclusion, non-judgement, a belief in the potential of others and that this is consistently reflected in their coaching practice
  • Being able to provide effective coaching to senior leaders within your organisation in service of enabling others to undertake.


Within 12 months after qualifying

  1. Go on the central register (after course completion)
  2. Coach 3 clients
  3. Attend 3 CPD events and
  4. Attend 3 supervision sessions


Applications are currently closed for 2022-23, however stayed tuned for further information on this. 

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