Coaching & Mentoring

Supervision and CPD

Supervision and CPD

We are committed to the quality and standards of our coaches and mentors of our rapidly professional community of coaches and mentors.

We offer a  series of monthly group supervision sessions to all the coaches and mentors on our register and it is a requirement to attend at least 3 supervision sessions a year in order to maintain your practice and remain on our register. 

Purpose of supervision:

• Learning and development in action

• Due diligence to maintain standards and effectiveness

• Coach/mentor wellbeing providing a safe supportive environment

• Adhere to professional standards and ethics

• Develop good practices and mastery

The coach supervision process supports the supervisee’s reflective practice. This stimulates the supervisee’s on going learning and development and helps to maintain and raise quality standards across the profession. Coach supervision provides a place to review and uncover potential ethical issues and therefore ensure the supervisee’s clients are well supported and served.  It also provides a safe and confidential space for the supervisee to explore their coaching and to uncover any unconscious behaviours or biases that may get in the way of being the best you can possibly be for your client.

What does a session consist of?

Small groups of 6 coaches and mentors and engage in a virtual coaching circle.

Each group sessions lasts for 2 to 3 hours and offers an opportunity to network and learn from others across the London professional community.

Who can attend?

Supervision is only provided for practicing coaches and mentors who have been approved on the London register.  A number of sessions are offered free of charge throughout the year and are offered on a first come first serve basis.

We also offer CPD masterclass and practicums to continue the professional development of our coaches.


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