Executive Suite: supporting senior leaders in health and care

Executive Suite: supporting senior leaders in health and care

Supporting executive leaders across health and care meet the challenges of leadership over the coming years and to deliver the ambitions of the NHS People Plan.

The Executive Suite: Supporting senior leaders in health and care is a new way of offering leadership development and lifelong learning. It creates the foundation for evidence-based lifelong leadership learning for executive leaders across health and social care, allowing a pick and mix flexible approach to development that complements formal programmatic leadership programmes and fits in around busy working lives.

Non-urgent advice: Resources and offers

The Executive Suite has a wide range of offers available to support you throughout your executive journey, with offers ranging from 1:1 psychological support to racial justice focused action learning sets:

Who is the offer aimed at? 

The target is executive leaders across health and care:

  • Trust Board executives and chairs  
  • CCG accountable officers and clinical chairs 
  • Integrated Care Systems and Sustainability and Transformation Partnership leaders 
  • Social care Executive leaders 
  • Health arms-length bodies Executive leaders 

The digital offer will develop and grow through collaboration between Leadership and Lifelong Learning and executives making it responsive and dynamic to executive leader’s needs. A small number of offers are limited to NHS leaders, however the vast majority are available to all senior leaders in health and care.

New in Post

Getting Set for Success

Onboarding resources for senior leaders including Our NHS People H&W resources, frameworks, induction, HLM, digital resources.

Leading in systems

Developing systems thinking and leadership practice. Bringing together systems thinking resources and support. Content includes resources and link to your regional team.

System Leadership Behaviour Framework System Resources Citizen Leadership Toolkit Development modules Virtual Leadership sessions



Ideas to drive your leadership practice.

Connecting and Developing

Reciprocal Mentoring for inclusion

This free facilitated programme creates powerful partnerships between Executive Boards and staff from underrepresented/marginalised groups working in mentoring pairs that are reciprocal in nature; learning from each other, enabling allies and equal partnerships designed to create systemic transformational change. Includes onboarding, expert training and ongoing support throughout an 18-month period to enable sustained change. Open to 24 organisations this year, generating mentoring for up to 1000 staff.

Spaces for discussion through specialist networks, communities and resources.

Virtual Action Learning sets Chief executive development network Action for Change Career management online resources

Support in difficult times

Access to mentoring and psychological support. Content includes 1:1 Psychological support from the Association of Chartered Psychologists and Mentoring from the Army Centre for Leadership.

Support available Executive Coaching Support Offer Identifying signs of stress Decision-making in uncertain times Leadership Viewpoints

How to access

The entire offer is completely free and can be accessed remotely through the Executive Suite pages on the People website

If you would like further support in relation to this offer please contact the team @Leadershipacademy.nhs.uk