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Working at Scale: A Practical Leadership Skills Programme for Primary Care Network Managers 2023

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“If you’re a Primary Care Network Manager, then this ‘Working at Scale’ skills development programme is likely to be of interest to you or a colleague”.

The London Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team are delighted to announce further cohorts of this programme; designed to equip Primary Care Network (PCN) Managers with the tools, skills, strategies and networks to lead, manage and influence change within their teams and their Primary Care Networks.  It will create time to consider how PCNs and the Fuller Stocktake Report are shaping the way healthcare is delivered locally, regionally and nationally, and to support the voice of the PCN Managers in the Integrated Care Systems.

The purpose of the programme is for PCN Managers to have an opportunity to step away from their busy operational environment and spend time networking, sharing best practice and working ‘on their local healthcare environment’ rather than ‘operationally in it’.  It is not about how to be a PCN Managers, rather how to develop the skills that will support you to be effective in the role and to enable you to connect with other managers to help build a regional support network.

Specifically, the programme aims are to:

  1. Provide a robust learning environment to develop ideas, strategies, skills and tools to drive Primary Care Networks forward, as appropriate
  2. Give time and space away from the busy operation to help shape, plan build and deliver change across the PCN Managers and more widely across the London Region
  3. Work with others on common challenges within Primary Care and develop ways of working in collaboration, co-production, and joined up thinking
  4. Develop and enhance leadership skills and strategic thinking, and how to engage others in change
  5. Enhance and develop a personal network of other PCN Managers as well as healthcare leaders and decision makers in Primary Care.

Attending the Programme

This programme will be delivered virtually using the Teams platform and the focus will be on creating a learning environment that is engaging, interactive, informative, supportive, challenging and practical.

Throughout the programme participants will be introduced to the latest thinking and will broaden their understanding of the different perspectives of stakeholder groups, enabling them to make more informed decisions around working in collaboration with others.

During the programme delegates will have the opportunity to work in small groups on a change theme where they can apply their knowledge and skills in an improvement project.  Delegates will also have access to Aspire’s Digital Learning Hub, an on-line training platform designed to enhance the remote learning experience, and includes access to a range of management tools, programme handouts, videos, questionnaires, further reading material, and personal learning activities (a range of pre and post workshop activities) to embed learning in a supportive and practical way.

The programme is led and facilitated by experienced tutors from Aspire Development who have been developing and delivering this programme over the last 3 years. Throughout the programme you will have the opportunity to listen to and share ideas and experiences with guest speakers and subject matter experts in healthcare.



Workshop Workshop overview Dates
M1 Strategic Leadership – The Big Picture An opportunity to collectively get to grips with the present and future priorities and challenges for primary care with a focus on strategic thinking, planning and developing a vision.
Identify priority areas of personal focus (work-based project/initiatives) to move forward during the programme.
Tuesday 28th March 09:30-12:30
M2 Leading Primary Care To develop the leadership skills required to build high performing teams at scale for the benefit of patients and communities, whilst maintaining wellbeing, effectiveness and EDI.  To think about personal impact on workplace culture and demonstrate Compassionate and Inclusive Leadership. Thursday 11th May 09:30-12:30
M3 Strategies for Collaboration and Influencing To recognise local/regional opportunities for collaboration, multi-disciplinary working within integrated care systems, and effective resourcing.  A focus on wider community perspectives and on health inequalities.

To understand own working preferences, building on strengths and using a diagnostic tool to appreciate behaviours of self and others.

To develop influencing strategies to build confidence in interactions with stakeholders and decision-makers when working more broadly across teams, networks and systems.

Thursday 8th June 09:30-12:30
M4 Leading Change To understand the drivers of change and develop the skills needed to lead transformational change of people and process.

To gain insight into the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of tools to support change/project initiatives.

To increase understanding of technological advances which are shaping future healthcare.

Thursday 29th June 09:30-12:30
Finale Event An opportunity to share experience, project progress, learning and to plan ‘what next’, taking ownership of personal performance (attended by key regional Primary Care stakeholders).  It will also be used to put in place Action Learning Sets and/or a platform for ongoing peer support. Thursday 13th July 09:30-12:30
All events will run on Teams from 09:30 to 12:30

You must be available on all of the above dates

Closing date for applications: Sunday 26th February 2023

Confirmation of outcome:  Monday 6th March 2023

Programme starts : Tuesday 28th March 2023

Questions about this event?

Organiser : NHS London Leadership Academy

Email: london@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk