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The Benin Trust – Unsung African Heroines

The Benin Trust – Unsung African Heroines


There can be no doubt that African women have contributed immensely to the development of black history and civilisation worldwide. These unsung heroines are depicted as queens, princesses, feminists, warriors, activists, chiefs and leaders of men and movements that resisted the European colonisation of Africa. The names of many of these women should have been chronologically recorded in the annals of African history. This black history month activity will use a workshop, short docufilm (videography), music storytelling and a book to mainstream the untold stories of 20 unsung African heroines. The event is designed to educate the general public on the significant contribution of black African women to the evolutionary history of black civilisation.

Some of the notable heroines that will be mainstreamed include Queen Nanny or Nanny of Maroons (c. 1685 – c. 1755), Queen Idia of Great Benin Kingdom (1504 – 1550), Queen Amina Sukhera of Zazzau (now Zaria) (1533 – 1610), Queen Yaa Asantewaa Asante of Ghana (c. 1840–1921), Queen Nzinga Mbande of Matamba kingdom, (c. 1583 –1663), Tarenorerer of Emu Bay in northern Tasmania (c.1800-1831), Harriet Tubman of Philadelphia (1820 – 1913), Kaigirwa of Rwanda and Uganda (1850 – 1950), Queen Ann Nzingha of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms (modern-day Angola) (c. 1582 – 1663), Neithhotep, the first queen of Kmt (ancient Egypt), circa 3200 BCE, Carlota Lukumí of Cuba (1844), Tarenorerer of Emu Bay in northern Tasmania (c.1800-1831), Queen Ahmose-Nefertari of Kmt dynasty (c 1570-1530 B.C.) etc.

NHS Black History Month activities: 

  1. Introduction to the workshop and a book on “The untold stories of 20 unsung African heroines”
  2. A short docufilm (videography) mainstreaming the untold stories of 14 unsung African heroines
  3. African Drumming session
  4. Storytelling and cultural display
  5. Q & A Session

About The Benin Trust

The Benin Trust is a charity registered in England (1116338). Some of its activities include the promotion of black history and delivering of volunteering, recreational services, film-making, arts and other general charitable activities. Over the years, we have delivered several workshops on black history, talking drums, drama and storytelling which were funded by the Newham Council and National Lottery Heritage Fund.

For more information

Contact Dr Charles Omorodion, Coordinator, on Tel: +44 7985728982; Tel: +4420 8519 4107 or visit TBT

website www.thebenintrust.com or www.afromusicals.com

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