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Springboard Work & Personal Development for Women


Springboard is a world-renowned work and personal development course for women.

Running for over 30 years and delivered in over 40 countries, Springboard is a life changing experience for women who want to be more assertive and take control of their personal and professional lives.

Springboard will provide the tools for women to be the best they can be. By empowering
and helping them to enhance their own skills and abilities, participants will learn to challenge
power and inequality, while also building assertiveness, a positive image, and give them a

The course gives participants the time to reflect, share and most importantly, set achievable
goals for now and the future.


  • Providing the tools which can be
    applied to real-life situations
  • For participants to set and achieve
    their own goals.
  • Putting the learning into practice.
  • For participants to assert
  • Self-reflection and group work with
    an interactive approach.
  • For participants to make decisions and
    take actions based on their core
  • Inspirational guest speakers – to
    challenge participants’ thinking and to
    inspire or motivate them.
  • Networking – support from
    participants to other participants,
    mentors, and other networking groups.


Please see timetable for the programme:

All sessions will take place at 9:30am to 1pm

Workshop 1 Part 1         Tuesday 14th March 2023        9:30am – 1pm

Workshop 1 Part 2        Wednesday 15th March 2023 9:30am-1pm

Workshop 2 Part 1        Tuesday 18th April 2023          9:30-1pm

Workshop 2 Part 2        Wednesday 19th April 2023  9:30am-1pm

Workshop 3 Part 1         Tuesday 16th May 2023          9:30am-1pm

Workshop 3 Part 2        Wednesday 17th May 2023   9:30am-1pm

Workshop 4 Part 1        Tuesday 13th June 2023        9:30am-1pm

Workshop 4 Part 2        Wednesday 14th June 2023 9:30-1pm


This programme is open to all women working in the NHS at Band 4, Band 5 and Band 6.

As part of the application process, you will be asked to answer 3 questions to assess your suitability for the role.

Deadline for applying is January 8th 2023. Due to the limited number of spaces available, preferences will be given to those who we believe would benefit most from this programme.

Booking Conditions

This programme is offered free of charge to participants. However, if you fail to attend or complete the programme, NHS England reserves the right to hold you liable for the costs incurred.



Please email [email protected] to be considered for a place on the waiting list.