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Introduction to Leadership and Management

Our Introduction to Leadership and Management Series 2022-23 provides support and development interventions using a variety of engaging scenarios and techniques to explore the day-to-day challenges identified by leaders and managers on the ground in front-line health and care roles.

Aimed at aspiring leaders taking their first steps in a management role and looking to build their leadership capability, it develops an understanding of the characteristics of effective leadership and management and the difference between them. Participants can apply to attend all five workshops in the series or choose those they feel relevant to their learning and progression.

1 – Leadership, Management and You

  • Exploring leadership and management, their characteristics and differences; developing self-awareness and an understanding of your impact in creating workplace culture.
  • In this workshop we will explore ways to develop greater self-awareness through behavioural style testing, recognising our own strengths, weaknesses and ‘blind spots’ and how this contributes to increased Emotional Intelligence.
  • We will then discover the impact being a self-aware leader has on creating workplace culture.

18 January 9.30am – 12.30pm  Book Here

2 – Understanding your leadership style

  • Understanding different leadership styles; examining our own natural style of leadership and how we can be flexible in our approach to increase our leadership effectiveness
  • In this workshop we will gain an understanding of different leadership styles, examining your own natural style of leadership and how to be flexible in your approach. We will explore situational leadership theory and practice coaching techniques to support effective leadership and development of others.

31st January 1.30pm – 4.30pm Book Here

3 – What is inclusive leadership?

  • Developing a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute
  • In this workshop we gain an understanding what unconscious bias and how address our own and others. We will explore how to embrace inclusive leadership through an appreciation of difference; looking at behavioural styles, and compassionate leadership, linked to the work of Professor Michael West.

21st February 09.30am – 12:30pm Book Here

4 – Conducting courageous conversations

  • Exploring the skills that underpin effective communication to build confidence in having conversations that might have otherwise been avoided or seemed difficult.
  • In this workshop we will understand why we need to hold courageous conversations and explore the skills that underpin effective communication. We will focus on active listening, effective questioning, coaching techniques and adopting a solution-focused approach to conduct courageous conversations.

9th March 9.30am – 12.30pm Book Here

5 – Leading Beyond Boundaries

  • Developing, building, and managing relationships within the broader community of care.
  • In this workshop we will develop an understanding of systems leadership and what this means for your role as a manager working within integrated care systems.  We will explore the skills of influencing, negotiating and relationship building to build solid relationships with those you work with beyond your immediate workplace.

9th May 9.30am – 12.30pm Book Here

If you are unable to make the dates above, please register your interest through our Expressions of Interest page to be notified of when further dates are released.