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Coaching and Mentoring EMCC CPD Event – The Art of Listening

Target Audience: Coach/Mentor practitioner, Senior Practitioner, Master Practitioner

What is this event about?


The Art of Listening is the foundation of all effective coaching. This workshop will take coaches on a deep dive into listening. It will enable them to identify their learning edge as a listener and establish
how they might develop and hone their listening as a coach.

What will it cover?

Key areas
• Why listening matters – how it impacts the coachee and helps create the working relationship
between coach and coachee and is therefore a profound expression of coaching mastery
• The challenge of listening – what can limit listening or make it difficult.
• A model of listening – the presence, mindset, and skills of the good listener.
• How to find your learning edge as a listener.
• How to deepen your listening – reflective listening practice and the listening ‘work-out’.

Why should I attend?

Most coaches recognise the importance of listening to their practice. They will have focused on their listening in initial training and in the early days as a coach. Listening is, however, an essential but relatively rare focus of development for the more experienced coach. This workshop will offer a
practical model of listening, grounded in research on the impact of being heard, that enables both newer and experienced coaches to review and plan their listening practice. If you attend this workshop, you will:
• Work with some stimulating exercises that help you take a fresh look at your listening
• Identify how you listen as a coach, what you listen to and what you listen with, and how these
are all part of your signature presence.
• Explore your learning edge as a listener
• Apply a simple model of listening to guide your development as a listener
• Try out a range of practices that can help you deepen your listening further.

How will it run?

The workshop will provide a practical model of good listening and a brief overview of how and why listening impacts the coachee and the coaching relationship. The bulk of the session will be small group work, discussion and a range of exercises designed to give participants experience in the
moment of their listening strengths and challenges. Many of these exercises will be drawn from improvised comedy which is (perhaps surprisingly) all about good listening.

Who will present?

Stephen Burt has 20 years’ experience as a coach and educator of leaders and

coaches. His path as a coach has taken him through Gestalt, cognitive-
behavioural and other coaching methodologies. It has led him to realise that a Coach’s effectiveness is grounded in the quality of their listening. His book, “The Art of Listening in Coaching and Mentoring” was published in June 2019. The book has been described as “pioneering”, “stimulating from a conceptual point of view and highly practical”, and ”full of wisdom and reflections”. Stephen will draw on his book, his practice as a coach, and his experience as a jazz musician and performer of improvised comedy to offer insights into listening and guidance on how to get better at it.

Stephen has delivered sell-out workshops at EMCC conferences, both face-to-face and online. These workshops have been extremely well received with participants commenting on Stephen’s engaging style, knowledge, and playfulness.

Please note:

Places are limited so please ensure that if you need to make cancellations you email [email protected] in advance so that your place can be offered to someone else. We will send confirmation of your cancellation by email. Any DNA’s will be monitored and your future bookings may be rejected.

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED You can request a place on a waiting list by emailing [email protected]

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Jake Cutting

Email: jake.cutting@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk