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Coaching and Mentoring EMCC CPD Event – An Introduction to Ethical Coaching with Workplace Burnout

Target Audience: Coach practitioner, Senior Practitioner, Master Practitioner (Please note this session is only for Coaches on the London Leadership Academy, Coaching Register)

Length: 3 hours (including a 15-minute break)

Deliver Method – Virtually via Zoom

What is this event about?

With challenging workplace conditions, as we respond to the pandemic, statistics have shown an increase in stress and anxiety for employees as they strive to adapt. Prolonged exposure to stress can result in mental health challenges such as burnout. Recent academic research has shone a light on a way forward for coaches to work with burnout as defined by the World Health Organization, within their competency and respectful of ethical professional boundaries.

The objective of this workshop is to inform attendees through exploring the research findings so that they may further understand and identify burnout in their clients. It will empower coaches to effectively work with clients to determine a path forward that serves their wellbeing and goals abiding by our EMCC code of ethics.

What will it cover?

Key areas

  • Understanding burnout and how it presents differently across individuals and professions.
  • Exploring academic findings.
  • Where supervision is central to the ‘burnout’ self-care of the coach and client.
  • The value of holding space to move a client forward with burnout as a theme.
  • Contracting as a tool to inform referral discussions.

Why should I attend?

The participant will be comfortable working with workplace mental health challenges such as burnout as it arises in their coaching sessions. With an increase in confidence moving the client forward with their wellbeing as a priority. It gives the attendee an opportunity to evaluate their strengths and identify opportunities to further develop skills and knowledge, through supervision and CPD, thereby, opening the doors to work with clients, where medical referral was previously the only option.
Those in a caring profession are most at risk of burnout due to their compulsions to help others. The attendees will learn how developing their practice, within sessions and through supervision, enriches their practice through

● Understanding employee motivation types and contributors to burnout
● Evaluating personal coaching approach preferences strengths and limitations
● The importance of clear contracting with clients and sponsors for referrals

This workshop includes group discussions of different scenarios to apply the insights from the material provided. This allows the attendees to identify their own comfort levels with working with burnout and to reflect on opportunities to develop their practice.

How will it run?

This interactive session provides light pre-reading and a reflection exercise for an initial ice breaker that sets the foundation for a workshop designed to stretch the comfort zone of practice for coaches. There is a healthy balance of theory, group exercises and de-briefs designed to enlighten, engage and empower the attendees.

Who will present?

Tony Geraghty is a certified career and wellbeing coach with 8 years’ experience helping others attain their personal goals and aspirations. This is complemented with over 20 years’ engineering and people management experience in the contract and medical device manufacturing sector. Tony has a keen interest in the wellbeing of employees where he has pursued how coaching approaches can benefit client’s wellbeing specifically in relation to burnout in academic research.

Tony is actively publishing his research findings specifically in relation to how coaching supervision is fundamental in the self-care of the coach and that of the client. Tony has contributed to publications through ‘Coaching at Work’ and the ‘International Journal of Coaching and Mentoring’. Tony holds a master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University.
In addition to a Diploma in Life Coaching and Personal Development; Certificates in Relationship; Parent Coaching and in Career Coaching from the Irish Life Coach Institute. Tony is currently completing his EMCC ESQA accredited Diploma in Coach and Mentoring supervision with Bluesky International. In addition, Tony continues to contribute to coaching knowledge in his journey towards being a Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring with Oxford Brookes University. Tony is a founding member of Reswell Coaching which is established to improve employee workplace resilience and wellbeing.

Please note:

Places are limited so please ensure that if you need to make cancellations you email  [email protected] in advance so that your place can be offered to someone else. We will send confirmation of your cancellation by email. Any DNA’s will be monitored and your future bookings may be rejected.

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED You can request a place on a waiting list by emailing [email protected]