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Black History Month: Poetry Workshop with Zita Holbourne – 13th October 2022

Join multi-award winning poet, writer, artist and human rights campaigner Zita Holbourne for a poetry workshop.  An opportunity  to hear a selection of poems from Zita’s book Striving for Equality,  Freedom and Justice – Embracing Roots Culture Identity. Zita is a wordsmith who documents the struggles and achievements of the African diaspora from the Haitian Revolution  to Black Lives Matter through spoken word and rhyme.

Zita has performed poetry to international  audiences and in the UK performed on diverse platforms from Glastonbury to the Houses of Parliament, former resident poet of Nu Whirled Voyces and a finalist of Manorlogz Xtreme Spoken Word Contest and is a contributor to numerous poetry anthologies  including New Daughters of Africa.  Reflect on what you have heard and draw inspiration to document your story through poetry. Poetry can heal, educate, inspire and challenge. Poetry can be an act of self-care. It can also be a powerful way of challenging racism and other forms of discrimination  and raising cultural awareness.

Poetry readings followed by Q&A. Then why not go away and write your own.

Striving for Equality Freedom and Justice, written by Zita Holbourne:  https://www.hansibpublications.com/epages/es147335.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es147335/Products/HP199




Instagram: @zitabaracuk

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Black History Month: Poetry Workshop with Zita Holbourne

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