Talking Systems 2022-23A series of four one-hour virtual events to encourage expansive thinking inhealth and social car

Talking Systems 2022-23

A series of four one-hour virtual events to encourage expansive thinking in
health and social care

The NHS London Leadership Academy each year offers a
series of events designed to help to develop and expand the
understanding of systems and complexity for all who seek to
lead in health and social care.

This year’s programme offers fresh thinking and new ideas
from our invited guests around leadership; innovation;
networks; and measurement.

These sessions are run virtually and last for an hour. The guest
offers some introductory remarks before we move into a
conversation around the topics that they have raised…and
which have been raised by the audience in advance of the

We are also aiming to run a half-day event on 1 February 2023
to explore the role of networks in terms of systems
connectivity, clinical practice, and inclusion in the workplace.
So please save the date for that and further details will follow.
For additional information about our Talking Systems series or
any of the work of the NHS London Leadership Academy,
please email [email protected]

Bookings are now open for all four of these fascinating
sessions: the following highlighted booking links will take you
through to the events page, where you can find more details
about the session and can also make a reservation.

Rethinking leadership through the lens of complexity
5 July 2022 – 1400-1500

Innovation as business as usual
11 October 2022 – 1600-1700

Network interventions to reduce race and gender bias in

6 December 2022 – 1600-1700

Rethinking metrics in light of systems working and

25 January 2023 – 1400-1500