Leadership Toolkit

Leadership Toolkit

The leadership toolkit is a ‘just-in time’ people management resource for leaders – a repository of practical tools and resources designed for busy people who need support that they can just take and use.

In addition to acting as a resource for leaders, there are many ways that the toolkit can be used by an individual for their personal development;

  • without spending too much time searching for what they need
  • without reading extensive ‘How to…’ instructions before they start, and
  • with pointers to when and how they will find the tools and resources useful

The home page of the toolkit provides a link to the Healthcare Leadership Model, and each tool and resource identifies the leadership dimension that it supports.

Individuals can use the tools and resources in each topic to assess their competencies and to improve those they identify as needing development.

They can work systematically through the three topic areas on the toolkit home page, moving from the Managing Self topics, to Leading and Managing Others and Leading Teams and Change, to increase their skills and knowledge. Your own organization may provide some local training workshops around some of the areas in the toolkit to assist with your learning. There are four options for implementing the toolkit in your organisation

  1. Loading the vanilla toolkit in London Leadership Academy format and colours ‘as is’ onto your intranet
  2. Replacing the London Leadership Academy banners and colours with those from your Trust and then loading the toolkit onto your intranet
  3. Contextualising the toolkit by updating formatting, messaging and linking to relevant Trust documents before loading onto your intranet
  4. Providing a link to London Leadership Academy internet version of the Leadership toolkit on your own intranet.

London Leadership Academy is holding workshops to help OD and HR practitioners implement and contextualise the leadership toolkit. Email [email protected] for further information or support.